Feeling like a Queen on King Street

American In Paris 1225 King Street

Old Town – Alexandria, Virginia

Along the shores of the Potomac River sits the bustling area of Alexandria where within the charming neighborhood of Old Town exists. It is just the most quaint little village. The architecture alone is worth the trip – truly magnificent and magical. Along the main street, King Street, there are quite the variety of shops, everything from big brand stores, quaint boutiques, home decor to wonderful restaurants.

When I first drove down King Street, I spotted this store out of the corner of my eye and made a mental note to go back to explore. An American In Paris located at 1225 King Street is owned and operated by Joelle Solimano. A Parisian transplant who brought the Paris shopping experience to the states 14 years ago. An American in Paris is NOT a thrift store or a consignment store – but a true boutique with all things very unique. Carrying sizes ranging from 0 – 14+, an American in Paris has such a wonderful selection, Joelle’s taste is exquisite.

American In Paris Store Policy

Joelle’s store is a staple within the community – her customers see her as the “go to” store. Everyone from diplomats to factory workers shop at American In Paris. Only allowing so many in her store at once – Joelle prefers to be “by appointment only” and she should with the service she gives, but does take walk ins. Some customers do not like her strict policy on handling the clothing and dresses – but she insists you abide – or out you will go.

Eva Franco Dress at American in Paris

If ever you have an important event or even a date and want to look your best. Visit Joelle. She will look you over, query your event, guess your dress size to the tee, then scurry off. While browsing the store and listening to the delightful sounds of Édith Piaf  play over the speakers – and pretending you really are in Paris, Joelle is in the back pulling dresses. She returns with three or four choices and off to the dressing room you go. One by one she will have you try them on, look in the mirror and tell you the truth – whether or not it works! She knows her style, fit…everything, she is a fashion fairy! AND she gives this kind of attention to detail to all of her customers. Some of the lines carried include: Eva Franco, Nicole Miller, David Meister, Tibi, Tocca, Cynthia Steffe and so much more.  Joelle has a great eye for fashion and has created quite the collection to prove it. Not only are the clothes diverse and unique but well worth every penny for the quality.  Her pieces are timeless – true classics. Prices start at $295 and go up.

American In Paris
1225 King Street
Alexandria, VA
Open 7 days a week

Ruffled Blazer at 3 Sisters

My next stop is another new all time favorite of mine – the newly opened 3 Sisters at 213 King Street. Much more my speed budget wise. These girls really know what they are doing. 6 months ago they were at their mother’s store  (3 doors down) call Andrea’s – carried mostly accessories – one day a customer commented on the top their mother was wearing – so Athina asked her mom if she could bring in some clothing to sell. And she did and it sold – like hot cakes!

Staveroulla and Athina - two of the 3 Sisters

Athina, Staveroulla and Stella are the 3 Sisters. They work together as a team, playing off each others styles and business sense. The girls shop the markets in NY, Atlanta and Vegas – each picks out what she likes and they then come together and decide what the buys will be for that season.

The Peacock Dress sells for $118 at 3 Sisters

3 Sisters is a store where mothers and daughters can shop together. One of their strategies is to be budget conscious. Their mother taught them how to bargain shop growing up and they wanted to carry that over to store and for their customers. The girls feel it is important to look great without breaking the bank – especially in this economy. Offering great items at a great price. Most everything in the store is under $100 – except for a few extra special items.

Kate Middleton inspired fashions for the Fall at 3 Sisters

Staveroulla tells me Kate Middleton really influenced the fashions they bought for the fall season, which you can see in the tweed coats, capes and ruffled blazers. Peacock prints are big this fall too. And I see just the dress I want for the season.

3 Sisters also carries a large selection of accessories at great price points

Originally Athina and her sisters worked in home decor for many years – then did the transition to accessories to the clothes – and I have to say they have a real hit on their hands. The store is never beat! Recently 3 Sisters started carrying the Brighton and Vera Bradley lines. They will be bringing in shoes as well, soon – carrying Steve Madden and GC which does both shoes and clothing.

Athina says eventually they would like to take 3 sister national. But for now they are enjoying the ride.  The store is the main stay for now and they are working on getting more up in the web. 3 Sisters posts a lot on their Facebook page. This is a must stop on your shopping trip.


3 Sisters
213 King Street
Old Town – Alexandria, VA

Joseph Ribhoff at Andrea's 217 King Street

Andrea’s just three doors down at 217 King Street, is owned by the 3 sisters mother and her two sisters. Andrea’s carries a collection of women’s and children’s clothing. Including the Ms. America Designer, Joseph Ribhoff. Geared for the more mature woman, the price points are a bit higher, but the styles are refreshing and exhilerating. Upstairs is a children’s area with super cute onesies, leggings and more, decorated to the gills and (((((“oh so cute!”)))).

Cute snazzed up onesies

Makes you wish you had a lil’ one to buy for!

Andrea’s Boutique
217 King Street
Old Town – Alexandria, VA

$20 sunglasses in the bin at lou lou

Across the street, catty corner is another new store which opened Memorial Day weekend called
lou lou. This store is all about accessories at a very reasonable price point. The only thing is – there is soooooo much merchandise out – it hurts my eyes and squeezes my brain when I try to go in and shop. But if you can handle the overly merchandised shelves, there are some really cute items. Mostly catering to women there are a few pieces for men. I personally was drawn to these cufflinks, wishing my man dressed up more – I would have purchased. Customer service was not so hot – the poor girls were stuck stocking the shelves with even more stuff…

Typewriter Key Cufflinks $130 for the pair at lou lou

lou lou
132 King Street
Old Town, Alexandria, VA

Zoe's Boutique, Old Town

Less than a block off of King Street is Zoe’s Boutique. By the time I got there they were closed. So I checked them out on facebook. From the window it looked like they carried a great selection of dresses and separates. So they will be my first stop on the next trip to Old Town.

Zoe’s Boutique
130 South Union Street
Alexandria, VA


paper source

BTW – If you enjoy paper, stationary and crafting with paper  – make sure to also stop into the AWESOME Stationary store – Paper Source. It is so enjoyable to browse and get some really great crafting ideas – plus they have an outstanding selection of materials  and stationary to choose from.
Paper Source
118 King St
Alexandria, VA
(703) 299-9950


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Having worked with various high fashion companies and clients within the "luxury lifestyle" - such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Mercedes Benz and many many more, I traveled both nationally and internationally as an Art/Creative & Fashion Director, producing photo editorials in places such as Paris, Cannes, Vienna, London, New York and more. With over to 20 years of advertising and marketing experience under my belt, I am a whiz at the various stages of the creative concept and product development processes, integrating the campaigns throughout social media, direct mail, print, and TV. Currently a member to Fashion Group International Philadelphia, I am sharpening my fashion business skills even more by sitting on the Board of Directors and serving as the Chair of PR/Communications as well as the Co-Regional Director Elect for 2012/13. I also Chair Communications for the Junior League - just to keep my business and design skills fresh in this turbulent job market. During my years as an award-winning Fashion, Art and Creative Director I have helped developed numerous highly successful integrated campaigns for industry giants such as AT&T, Avon, Chase Manhattan Bank, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Kohl's, and Sprint amongst numerous others. I am continually setting new standards for ingenuity, creativity, and measurable success that both peers and competitors strive to achieve.
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  1. Sonya,

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